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Discover a way to participate in the 500+ billion dollar a year industry of online advertising. Advantage Resources Group, Inc. is an independent afflilate of Banners Broker. Banners Broker is an online ad space broker creating a new way to earn revenue online. Ad-Impressions and Ad-Inventory are their products. Banners Broker owns the ad inventory. They purchase the inventory at a discount. This purchased inventory is rented to affiliates of Banners Broker for a period of time. The affiliates through Banners Broker generate traffic to fill the inventory on the internet. The affliate's income is dependent upon how much inventory they purchase and the number of campaigns they are running at any given period of time.

Are you looking for a unique way to supplement you income? The internet is a growing trillion dollar industry. A new home based business opens every 10 seconds in the United States. Did you know that 8,943 new businesses from home open every single day? In 14 years, home based businesses have grown from 6 million to 32 million. The small office/home office is now the world's largest employer!

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